The First Ever 4K Ultra HD Hitachi Roku TV Models Are Now Available


Hitachi has incredible brand power and it’s recognized by customers for making great TVs, announced that the new Hitachi 4K TVs go on sale in the U.S. You have the choice between a 50-inch, 55-inch, or 65-inch display. The 50-inch model is the only model that will be available immediately, and only at Sam’s Club locations. It’ll cost $499. The other models are said to be coming soon after. The 65-inch model will cost $999. The three new models run on Roku OS and include a quad-core processor. Roku says that at least 100 more TVs running its OS will launch by the end of this year.

Hitachi 4K TVs

The goal of Hitachi and Roku have in their partnership is to produce one of the best streaming experiences in the industry. Users of these 4K TVs will have access to over 3,500 streaming channels and over 350,000 movies and TV episodes through all of the channels packed into the Roku galaxy. These TVs also have a 4K spotlight channel that offers curated 4K content to check out. The 4K content comes via Amazon Video, Netflix, FandangoNow, and over ten other streaming channels that handle the 4K content.

All of the above models feature a quad-core processor and access to Roku’s 3,500 streaming channels, along with the added convenience of not having to plug an extra thing into the set. Hitachi and Roku first announced their partnership back in June, a deal that was set to include some standard HD sets as small as 24-inches, that will likely be ridiculously cheap, given the 4K pricing structure.