LAB550W Soundplate By LG – Blast Off Sound System


New LG’s Product has been launched which is “LAB550W Soundplate”. So, if you are a great Blu-ray player and sound system, then this product’s finally gonna suit you and that can be your dream ticket. Amazing thing is that LG has named it ‘Soundplate’ because the Blu-ray player built into this 200w soundbase which spins your discs while the speakers and subwoofer pump powerful sound into your living room. It is the follow up to last year’s product of LG ‘LAB540, the first soundbase & Blu-ray combination.



The LAB550W also offers a range of internet apps, which is great news if you do not have a smart TV and fancy a bit of music and video streaming. The highlights are Now TV and Spotify, which at present you will find only on LG’s online portal. Spotify is particularly useful on a soundbase since you do not need to rig up an external sound system to enjoy it.

Both Spotify and Now TV require a subscription, but having such easy access to them might tempt you to sign up. In terms of specifications about the LG’s LAB550W has become so much popular, it says the system offers a total power of output about 200w with the 100w from the channels 100w form the subwoofer.

The soundbase driver array contains four 2.3 inch middle range units and two 13mm dome tweeters. There are on board decoders for Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus. The selection of LAB550W also contains BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Blinkbox, BBC News and others.

The only thing missing from the spec sheet is 3D Blu-ray playback, but the LAB550W’s HDMI sockets do support 3D passthrough from external players. Rounding up the lengthy feature list is Bluetooth and Sound-Sync, which lets you beam audio from a compatible LG TV to the LAB550W.

Designing & Connectivity

the LAB550W’s slim dimensions come as something of a surprise. Build quality is also excellent the unusually solid cabinet can take the weight of TVs up to 38kg, although your TV stand should measure no more than 680 x 270mm to fit safely on the top surface. Spin it 180 degrees and you will discover a generous array of sockets. There are two HDMI inputs neither of which are needed by the Blu-ray player, and remember an ARC-compatible output that receives audio signals back from a TV.


The LAB550W backs up its bulging feature list with a pleasing if not flawless functioning. Its sound is loud and energetic, lending a sense of scale to action scenes that any TV will struggle to match. The LG also conveys the movie’s dreadful dialogue with impressive clarity and nuance, adding a convincing growl to the Emperor’s voice. The LAB550W is ideal for TV use where deep, thumping bass is not quite as important. When watching news, game shows or entertainment fare, voices come through clearly and theme tunes are played with gusto.


This soundbase & Blu-ray combination is a killer proposition. It is teeming with features and is a joy to use, while the integrated Blu-ray deck saves space.