KDL 55W805C By Sony – The Top-Notch Design


By embracing 4K technology involves extra costs and practical issues such as super-fast broadband connections that extend beyond the up-front price of a new television. And, annoyingly, the amount of 4K UHD content in wide circulation remains painfully limited. This new 4K tech by Sony is known as “KDL 55W805C.” So it is a genuine pleasure today to be testing Sony’s KDL-55W805C a 55in Full HD TV that offers plenty of characteristics despite its non 4K focus.


Motion Processing & 3D

The sharpest results, though, are obtained if you use Sony’s motion-flow processing, which does a great job of smoothing away judder and blur without, crucially, leaving images looking unnatural. So long as you stick with a relatively low-powered motion-flow setting, anyway. It pulls off the key trick of adding detail without accenting noise, and also does better than most up-scaling engines when it comes to retaining color vibrancy and accuracy when showing even low-quality standard definition sources. But such direct LED TVs usually cost more than the 55W805C.

The 55W805C’s excellent contrast performance, meanwhile, proves handy in delivering a particularly good sense of depth and space in the 3D frame, especially during dark scenes. Sony’s set does a good job of delivering the small details from HD 3D Blu-rays too, and its motion processing is good enough to tackle the extra judder problems often associated with 3D playback. For while the 55W805C does not exhibit the double ghosting phenomenon anywhere near as often as many previous Sony 3D TVs have done, oddly when the cross-talk does appear it’s unusually aggressive brighter and more defined in its appearance.


After all, there are now a number of 4K TVs out there that cost considerably less than this HD model, and it is looking increasingly inevitable that 4K will eventually become a dominant AV force. For now, though, there’s no denying that 4K content is still struggling to get off the ground. Also, most of those cheaper 4K TVs carry screen sizes considerably smaller than the 55-inch one on the 55W805C.


So long as you do not see yourself being fussed about 4K for the next few years, the 55W805C is a compelling TV.