KD 65X8505C By Sony – Bloomed Display


The Sony KD-65X8505C is the considerably more manageable and affordable 65in 4K UHD alternative to Sony’s mammoth KD-75X9405C. It attains the great mass market appeal preponderantly through replacing the 75X940C’s direct LED lighting system wiht an edge LED one, and by doing away with the front firing, magnetic fluid-using speaker system that made Sony’s flagship for 2015 the best sounding TV.


Setup Of KD-65X8505C

The main reason for this is that the 2015 version of Sony’s Reality Creation feature has become a bit too aggressive. The default value of 60 that Sony applies to this resolution-boosting feature is way too high, leading to plenty of noise if you are watching any source with much grain in it. We would suggest setting it around 40, alongside reducing the set’s sharpness feature to around 45. This is thanks in the main to their clever auto-optimization systems.

Astonishingly, with the 65X8505C we discovered a number of areas that needed to be tweaked in order to get the best out of its pictures.

The Clear setting gives a more movie-like finish, however, even though the result is a considerable reduction in brightness. Av fans will also be pleased to learn that it is also possible to turn off motion reduction completely without motion blur becoming a serious issue.

Picture & Sound Quality

The 65X8505C’s 3D picture also looks less sharp when compared to its remarkably crisp up-scaled pictures in 2D mode not helped by the presence of cross-talk ghosting noise in 3D. Pictures look quite dark by modern 3D standards.

This remains the case even if you set the brightness setting on the glasses to High and even though the TV locks its back-light at its Max level for 3D. The sound-stage is reasonably wide, but it begins to sound harsh under even minor pressure pressure to the point of descending into full-on deformation at really high volumes. In addition, bass sounds artificial – even though, to be fair, there is more proof of it than we might have expected to hear on such a slim TV.

Designing & Characteristics

The 65X8505C’s frame is finished in a matte grey, rather than the gleaming glass-covered black of the 75X9405C, while its relatively slight weight is supported by a rather unreal looking metal bar stand versus the edge mounted feet of the 75X9405C.

The 65X8505C is so manageable for a 65-inch TV that we cannot help but wish that Sony would design a narrow-framed 4K TV with direct LED lighting for those not bothered by the speakers attached to the 75X9405C.

The addition of Android TV also immediately provides Sony smart TVs with a vastly higher number of apps than before even though, to be honest, this is where the good news ends. The 65X8505C boasts Sony’s new X1 video-processing system. This introduces a wealth of picture improvement options over Sony’s previous 4K X-Reality Pro system.


All for what is, in the circumstances, a fairly approachable price.