USBcube USB wall charger lets you more conveniently charge multiple mobile devices


Travellers or those searching out a compact 4 port USB adapter can be interested in the new device known as the USBcube, created via the Allocacoc layout group based in Costa Mesa, California. This compact 4 port hub is small enough to slip into your pocket and plugs at once into a wall socket.

USBcube has this week taken to Kickstarter to elevate the specified $10,000 had to take the concept into production. Earlybird pledges are actually available from $15 or roughly £11 and global deliveries predicted to take region throughout January 2019.

USBcube 4-Port USB Wall Charger Design

The USBcube is a properly-designed and sensible USB adapter that comes in two version. One has 4 USB ports, and some other has USB ports and two USB-C ports, whilst the USBcube prolonged functions an incorporated 5ft cable. As we can see from the snap shots, the USBcube indicates off a minimal and compact shape issue so you can without difficulty take it with you anywhere. And using the included cable, you could without difficulty plug the Extender model in any wall outlet for your room.

USBcube 4-Port USB Wall Charger Features

USBcube USB wall charger comes prepared with 4 USB ports or 2 USB ports and 2 USB-C ports with 3A overall output, so that you can use it to charge as much as 4 mobile gadgets on the equal time, but more importantly, the ports are cleverly arranged on the four aspects respectively, so that you don’t worry about the connected gadgets being interfered every different. Furthermore, built-in short circuit, over-cutting-edge and over-voltage protection guards you and your gadgets all through charging. 4 elective plug types make certain it really works in distinct international locations.

USBcube 4-Port USB Wall Charger Price

The team behind USBcube is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $15/$21 to preorder USBcube or USBcube Extender USB wall charger. Both models will be shipped in January 2019.