The pixl-latr is designed to provide a simple way to digitize your negatives with your camera


The ‘pixl-latr’ is a easy, low-price set of system as a way to allow photographers and individuals to maintain their film from yesteryear relevant to ensure it doesn’t wander off inside the shuffle closer to new technology.

The inexpensive gadget is the design work of Hamish Gill and works with black and white or colour negatives as well as transparencies to digitize them together with your present tablet or cellphone. The unit can be used with 35mm, 120mm and 4 x 5 film to assist users digitize it to ensure it would not degrade or permit them to get rid of the original.

The ‘pixl-latr’ film digitization machine is targeted on customization, so that it will come as welcome information to photography lovers looking for way to backup their work.

Pixl-latr Design

The pixl-latr is a easy and smooth-to-use body designed to keep your film in place for digitalizing. As we will see from the snap shots, the frame has a compact and slim form factor so that you can effectively take it with different pictures tools and flexibly use it anywhere you’re.

Pixl-latr Features

Using 3 bar-shape gates in specific sizes, the movie frame works with all 35mm, 120 and 4×5 negatives and transparencies. Moreover, its 4 locater pins guarantees the bad remains in proper place. For 4×5 movie, the pins are spaced larger than the size of a 5×4 negative to allow for movie length variance. Moreover, the diffuser is located under the film so that the light can be frivolously disbursed at the movie, at the same time as the detachable stand keep the body upright, and it allows pixl-latr for use in the front of any convenient light source along with a window or side lamp, so that you can without problems digitalize the film together with your phone.

Pixl-latr Price

The team behind pixl-latr is raiding fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $42 to preorder the film digitalizing tool. It will be shipped in September 2018.