Sequent Kinetic Smartwatch Uses A Self-Charging Battery System


In case you assume charging your smartwatch inconvenient you may be interested in a new self-charging smartwatch which has been created with the support of Sequent a timepiece manufacturer based in Switzerland. Sequent kinetic self-charging smartwatch can offer all abilties which it should have as a normal smartwatch, and it additionally has a interesting feature: no manual charging required.

Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch Design

The Sequent is an modern and completely featured smartwatch. Its watchcase measures 42.5 x 46.8 x 14.8mm and as proven within the photos, it indicates off a classic rounded watch layout. The minimal dial shows you accurate time in style with palms, while more small dials indicate the strength reserve and activity overall performance. Furthermore, the watchcase is made from 316L stainless steel for a strong construction and premium feel. multiple elective watch straps permit it to mixture well with special outfits.


Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch Features

The Sequent smartwatch comes prepared with built-in fitness tracker, heart rate reveal and GPS monitoring so as to track your daily activities, steps, distance traveled, routes, and heart rate. The usage of built-in Bluetooth tech, the smartwatch wirelessly communicates together with your phone and lets in you to check designated monitoring records through its custom app. Equal as other smartwatch, Sequent will remind you of incoming notifications from your cellphone.

And more importantly, the smartwatch features patented kinetic self-charging battery machine, so it’s capable of convert kinetic electricity into electric energy to charge its integrated rechargeable battery, so that you will by no means worry approximately it going for walks out of battery.

Sequent Kinetic Self-Charging Smartwatch Price

The team of Sequent has successfully achieved the crowdfund goal on Kickstarter, but you can still pledge approx US$227 to preorder the kinetic self-charging smartwatch. It’s expected to be shipped in December 2017.