Orbitkey keyring gives a simple and secure way to keep your keys organized


My hope is that keys will one day be a relic of the beyond, but until that day comes, Orbitkey does a outstanding task of retaining them prepared and quiet to your pocket.

Orbitkey unveiled at technology conferences nyc, is basically consists of a strap of rubber, canvas, or leather wrapped around your keys, which are held in location with a sturdy metallic screw system. When you want get access to a key, you could pop it out Swiss military Knife-fashion, but otherwise they stay snug in opposition to each different inside the loop, because of this no jangling whilst you’re using, or just strolling round with loose pockets.

Orbitkey Keyring, Clip and Leather Strap Design

The Orbitkey ring is a properly-crafted and smooth-to-use keyring that measures 30mm diameter by 3.5mm thick. As proven in the photographs, the keyring shows off a minimalistic and stylish look design defined by means of a easy stainless steel frame and a bendy glass-filled polymer core, and 3 finishes allow it to fulfill exceptional non-public patterns. In the meantime, the polymer core delivers a patent pending locking mechanism which allows you to without difficulty connect your keys on the ring and securely continues them prepared.

Orbitkey Keyring, Clip and Leather Strap Features

The Orbitkey clip features a chrome steel carabiner with a identical glass-stuffed polymer core because the keyring, so that you can easily connect it on your waist, and the carabiner connects to an Orbitkey keyring the usage of a well-crafted leather-based strap, and the usage of a steel clasp, you can without problems change the keyring. Moreover, the Orbitkey leather-based strap is designed to ensure that your keyring securely remains in your bag and find the keys with no trouble.


Orbitkey Keyring, Clip and Leather Strap Price

The team behind Orbitkey has achieved the fund goal for the three items on Indiegogo, but we can still pledge $13/$36/$29 to preorder the keyring, clip and the leather strap. All the items will be shipped in April 2018.