Olympus Revealed EZ Shot 3 Plus Single Use Aspiration Needle

Aspiration needle

Olympus has recently revealed its new EZ Shot 3 Plus single use aspiration needle designed for endoscopic ultrasonically-guided fine needle aspiration ways of submucosal and extramural lesions in the GI tract.

Adding to the company’s existing gastrointestinal portfolio and the 510(k) cleared EZ Shot 3 Plus can be used with an ultrasound endoscope for EUS-FNA of submucosal, extramural lesions within the gastrointestinal tracts.

The firm is touting the device’s flexibility, strength during penetration all thanks to a Nitinol needle, and ability to take different sized tissue samples depending on the target. The EUS-FNA is used to derive tissue or cell samples from lesions for definitive pathology diagnosis.

Aspiration needle

The needle is made of the Nitinol, a material of great flexibility and the “shape memory,” (meaning that the needle remains straight after multiple passes). This sharply pointed Menghini tip design enables the needle to puncture the lesion, even from oblique angles.

The EZ Shot 3 needle is instrumental in certain EUS-FNA cases when it is required to be inserted into difficult-to-access locations, like, in the pancreatic head which can otherwise only be reached with a high-degree of curvature in the tip of the endoscope.

It reduce need to switch needles during procedure due to a bent needle or having to minimize needle size to access the target lesion. The needle is designed in a way to reduce the difficulty of subsequent steps, that include adjusting the angle of the needle to collect the tissue sample and targeting the lesion location. It’s expected to derive better tissue samples while reducing procedure times.