MSI Released New Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G & 4G Cards


MSI took the wraps off the RADEON RX 480, its new graphics cards based on AMD’s Polaris architecture. There will be 4GB and 8GB versions of the Radeon RX 480. Both are fitted with a TWIN FROZR VI thermal and come with 8-pin power connector.

MSI TWIN FROZR VI Thermal design raises the bar of Graphics Card air cooling. TORX Fan 2.0 is the enhanced version of the patented MSI TORX Fan tech which generates 22% more air pressure for better cooling performance while further reducing noise levels. Connected to huge heatsink are up to 8mm thick copper heat pipes with a squared shape at the bottom for optimal heat transfer from solid nickel-plated copper baseplate combined with premium thermal compound X to keep the Polaris powerhouse cool.

The Polaris architecture supports upcoming HDR displays, and HEVC encoding at 4K/60fps, improved audio and VR graphics. DirectX 12 and Vulkan for low-level GPU programming which gives game developers deep control over how to use hardware capabilities.


Radeon RX 480 GPUs are engineered to provide premium VR experiences to a wide range of users. Experience beautifully immersive and rich VR adventures with advanced comfort and effortless compatibility. Avoid motion and nausea sickness with the AMD LiquidVR initiative, featuring ground breaking Asynchronous Shaders.

The MSI Gaming App allows gamers to quickly switch between OC, Gaming and Silent performance modes, depending on their needs. The latest version of the MSI Gaming App features One-click to VR, which instantly optimizes your PC for the best Virtual Reality experience.

MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X models are expected to be in stores worldwide around the middle of August 2016.