Logi ZeroTouch Dashboard Smart Car Mounts For Android Smartphones


Logitech, a well-known brand in keyboards and mice in the world. Announced the Logi ZeroTouch, a virtual assistant app and magnetic dash mount combo which can turn any vehicle into a connected car for less than $100.

The mounts use magnets to secure your smartphone, but given that plastic and aluminum aren’t magnetic, Logi includes two metal adapters to affix to the back of your phone. first is slender and rectangular in shape while the other is a larger, round disc.

The concept is simple, a Bluetooth-enabled bracket that lets you mount your Android phone to the dashboard vent (you can mount in on top of the dash) and interact with it though Logi’s new ZeroTouch app via voice or gesture.


Logi’s ZeroTouch app is required to pair your phone with the mount. The cleverness of the mount resides with the magnet, that serves as an on/off switch for the Bluetooth LE function, so it only turns on when the phone is docked.

Featuring voice navigation, talk-to-text, location sharing and voice controls for music and hands-free calling, ZeroTouch does exactly what it says on the box: enables you to keep your focus on the road where it belongs with no need to touch your phone. You just simply install the free app and attach a magnetic plate to the back of your phone. When you dock your phone this ZeroTouch app is activated automatically.

The app is straightforward, colorful and easy to navigate, with 2 sections when you first install it: Setup and Learn. Learn takes you through animated demos of the various features of ZeroTouch, including how to send and reply the messages, make and receive calls, share your location, listen to unread messages and launch and control apps. ZeroTouch app also includes a list of suggested voice commands and an accelerated mode where the messages are sent automatically without having to confirm first.