LeSee Pro Self-Driving Electric Car Concept Unveiled By LeEco


Chinese firm LeEco has revealed a new concept autonomous electric car – the LeSee Pro – at a lavish event in the US. LeEco first showed off its electric car concept earlier this year and it has said that the LeSee Pro will be properly launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come January next year.

Although technical information on the LeCee Pro was sparse, we just know that it has an electric powertrain and a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard when the car is in autonomous mode. It also sports more aggressive design than the LeCee, and also has an external display that changes depending on the car status, from charging, to the autonomous driving. LeEco executives enthused about the car’s connected abilities – and one of the key selling points of its planned range of electric vehicles.

LeSee Pro

LeEco says that the car is going to be fully intelligent and connected so that passengers can do all sorts of things from working on the documents to streaming movies and music without a car in the world. This car will feature an entertainment lounge for content streaming in the rear seats.

It also has a magnetic charging system that doesn’t use the traditional level 2 port found on most other EV’s. Instead the owners can attach the cable to the area forward of the diver or passenger side door. Plus when the car is placed in the autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds up and retreats into the dashboard.

The concept car itself has no set price and there is no word on when it will actually launch. But in addition to being part of the LeEco’s hardware/content ecosystem, Jia noted he has a very personal reason for building an electronic car concept. He wants to clear up the smog problem in China and has a ‘strong desire to bring back our blue skies.’