Intel Has Unveiled Its Shooting Star Drone

Intel set a Guinness World Record when the company flew 500 Inte

Intel has just revealed its first drone, dubbed the Shooting Star drone, designed specifically for light shows. It’s the company’s first drone created for entertainment light shows. Intel used a fleet of Shooting Star drones in Germany to set a world record for just having the most UAVs in the air at the same time. In that record setting event there were about 500 Shooting Star drones in the sky at on time, and massively outdoing the 200 drones used in the Palm Springs light show. Having about 500 drones in the air allowed Intel to grab the Guinness World Record for UAVs in the air at once.

The company has got the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval to fly these drones as a fleet at night in the United States, with one pilot manning the show. While the company didn’t divulge details, it said it’s planning to use its new fleet of Star drones publicly soon.

Intel set a Guinness World Record when the company flew 500 Inte
Shooting Star drone

Intel Shooting Star drone Features:

The Shooting Star drone is a quadcopter with the encased rotors. It measures 384x384x93mm and has a 6-inch rotor diameter. Maximum takeoff weight is 280 grams and flight time is up to 20 min. Maximum range is 1.5km. The drones can fly in wind speeds up to 10m/s and the max speed in GPS mode is 10 m/s with max light show airspeed of 3 m/s. The integrated LEDs can create 4 billion color combinations using red, blue, green, and white LEDs. The special software interface allows the creation of a lightshow in a days instead of a weeks. Intel plans to expand the system to work with more drones in the future.

Intel Shooting Star drone Price:

Intel hasn’t said how much Shooting Star costs or whether or not you’ll get to buy one yourself, although that isn’t completely surprising. This is a machine you buy by the dozens or hundreds, Intel had to get FAA approval to make its one-pilot drone swarms legal in the US. If you are just flying solo, there are likely better opt available that can fly longer than the Shooting Star’s 20 min, and at higher speeds.