Effortlessly carry your AirPods around with the Twelve South AirSnap Leather AirPods Case


While Apple’s AirPods initially debuted, the possibility of losing one or each of the wired-free earbuds was a major concern. Apple later added a locate My AirPods feature that allows you locate lost earbuds by playing a loud sound from the speaker, however that’s now not as useful when your AirPods are lost of their charging case.

Twelve South desires to make preserving up together with your AirPods and charging case simpler with its new AirSnap carrying case. AirSnap is a $29 leather pouch that protects your charging case and clips for your backpack or bag so your AirPods don’t go missing in motion.


Twelve South AirSnap Leather AirPods Carrying Case Design

Made from complete-grain leather, this fashionable case protects your AirPods whilst preserving them high-quality and close to you. Simply slide your AirPods Charging Case into AirSnap and near the steel snap to shield your earbuds. Further, the case protects your AirPods and Charging Case from being stolen, getting dirty or scratched. On the lowest of the case is a convenient cutout that allows you to recharge your AirPods while not having to take them out. further, the black carabiner easily attaches to your bag, backpack or keychain, so you’re continually organized. Likewise, the pinnacle metallic clip swivels so you can speedy grasp your AirPods or put them away.

Twelve South AirSnap Leather AirPods Carrying Case Price

The new AirSnap Leather AirPods Carrying Case is available to order starting today for $29.99 on Twelve South’s website or on Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. AirSnap joins cheaper solutions like silicone skins that attach to clips as well, but AirSnap will be your go-to solution if you’re looking for Twelve South’s quality leather and attention to detail.