XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 – High Quality 3D Printer


The Nobel 1.0 By XYZprinting is a more than capable with brilliant quality 3D printer at a great price. XYZprinting creates FDM 3D printers that are perfect for education such as the Da Vinci 1.0. These printers feature enclosed environments, cartridge filament systems and no nonsense straightforward software that makes them incredibly easy to use and an ideal choice for demonstrating the technology to students.



The Nobel uses XYZ’s own software and isn’t compatible with any other software. Nevertheless, the Nobel is designed to be straightforward. The XYZ software supports the standard STL file format and once a model is imported into the software you can then adjust the position and print quality easily enough.

Even though the print model is actually printed upside-down in the printer, the model appears the right way up in the software. In the quick print settings there are three quality options, printing our test model using any of these produced consistently good results.

You can only print with the resin and this resin smells both when being printed and generally speaking, but this smell does however disappear once the model has solidified. Smell is also an issue with ABS but at least with the majority of FDM printers you also have the option to print PLA or similar, which only has a mild odour when printing and no smell at all when cold.


The unit is surprisingly heavy for its relatively small size weighing in at 9.6kg, with a height of just 59cm tall and a small overall footprint of 28cm x 33.7cm, enabling it to simply be positioned neatly on a work surface. On the front is the control panel and this gives you quick access to the setup and configuration options as well as direct print from USB.

At the back is the power socket, on switch and USB port – the latter can be used for either direct connection to a computer, either Mac or PC, or a USB key with the print-ready 3D models.

The Nobel 1.0 has a fantastic eye-catching design and a footprint that sits comfortably on most work surfaces.