Two Xeon E3 1200 V5 Compatible Motherboards Announced By ASRock

E3V5 Fatal1ty

Intel’s Xeon E3-1200 V5 arrangement processors aren’t good with Intel’s customer chipsets. Rather, the most recent Xeon processors pair with Intel’s C232 chipset, which was particularly built for the new Xeons. ASRock trusts there’s a business opportunity for these processors in the gaming and workstation classes and has reported that it will be dispatching a board for every portion. The ASRock E3V5 Fatal1ty Performance Gaming/OC motherboard is outfitted with the run of the mill highlights found on the organization’s other gaming motherboard except for on-board representation, which the Xeon processors don’t bolster by any means.

E3V5 Fatal1ty

The E3V5 Fatal1ty Performance Gaming/OC load up comes outfitted with the same select elements included with all Fatal1ty loads up: Key Master, which gives you a chance to make custom macros; F-Stream, a product suite that incorporates overclocking instruments and different changes; and the Fatal1ty Mouse Port, which gives you a chance to modify the mouse surveying rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz utilizing F-Stream.

The Fatal1ty E3V5 Functionality Gaming/OC board attributes too Gaming Armor, Super Alloy, ASRock Hyper BCLK Engine and DDR4 Non-Z OC. The board underpins both standard and ECC memory.




ASRock likewise declared the E3V5 WS, a workstation board that additionally bolsters standard and ECC DDR4 memory modules. ASRock has designed the board to be good with Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePro representation cards. ASRock has additionally outfitted the E3V5 WS with Intel’s I219LM LAN chipset for server-grade system network and OS support.

ASRock hasn’t yet uncovered valuing and accessibility of these new C232 chipset motherboards however it did say the WS board would take after the Fatal1ty discharge and that both would dispatch after Christmas.