Synaptics USB Dongle Solution Can Add Biometric Authentication To Any PC


Synaptics has introduced its new biometric solution for PCs, The new ultra-small form factor USB module allows customers inexpensive fingerprint and an easy to use alternative for PCs lacking integrated biometric sensors.

Some passwords are easy to remember, but they may not strong enough. On the other hand, complex passwords may be difficult to remember. Passwords to unlock computer sys have been in existence for many decades, but the growing popularity of fingerprint scanning for unlocking devices, specially tablets and smartphones, may completely eliminate the need for passwords.


The Synaptics new fingerprint USB dongle is based on the company’s Natural ID technology that relies on capacitive touch sensing and SentryPoint security features. This device is small enough to remain unremarkably installed in a USB port, hence, users will not have to carry it individually. Synaptics calls its dongle “Turnkey USB Fingerprint Solution”, but doesn’t disclose the model of its sensor that used by the device, or the encryption type supported by the product because there will be various types of dongles with different feature-set.

The USB fingerprint scanner is a finished, ready-to-use device, that Synaptics will offer to partners, who will then be able to either bundle them with their computers or just simply resell them to interested parties under their brands. Pricing of the device will depend on exact configurations of the hardware, but it should be well below $50, according to Synaptics.

Synaptics is demonstrating its USB fingerprint scanner at Computex last month, plans to sample the product in Q3 and start to sell them in Q4.