Personal Cloud 2-Bay NAS By Seagate Excellent Physical Design


The beautiful minimalism and simplicity of the software makes the Personal Cloud a joy to use, with a great physical design too. The Personal Cloud is Seagate’s answer to the WD MyCloud, a NAS that makes it as simple as possible to access your stored movies, pictures, music and documents remotely.


Setup And Functioning

It’s possible to open the Personal Cloud unit to upgrade or replace the drives, by pressing a second button at the back, then hooking the lid off by applying a little pressure. This step is required, and you need to supply an email address, password and timezone. You are then sent an email with a registration code to activate Seagate Access, the name for the media sharing app. After the cogs and gears grind a bit more, the device is ready to use.

Under Device Manager are settings to keep an eye on disk, memory and processor usage. When you add a new user, you can create a username and password yourself, or simply add an email address, and the user will be sent a link for them to create their own password.

You can have up to 20 concurrent downloads, added either via a local file or a URL. The download and upload rates can be adjusted, and a nice touch is that when a download finishes, the NAS sends the owner an email to inform them.

the Personal Cloud in two ways and as a NAS for local file access, like any other, and we also tested its streaming capabilities, using the Seagate-Media app. For this, we tried access via both local wireless over an 802.11ac network and over Three UK’s 3G mobile network.

The app took a while to buffer data, then was unable to keep up with the movie, even though perhaps a 4G connection would work better. Nonetheless images and music still work fine at these slower speeds.


If Seagate can iron out a few of the functionality problems in a future variant of the Personal Cloud, it’ll be an absolute winner, but even as it stands, this is still one of the best home NAS units on the market.