Pro Slate 12 By HP – Beautifully Sharp Tablet


HP offers less stellar specs and performance than the Dell and Samsung alternatives, the Pro Slate 12 is a superb device and users will enjoy. If you are in the market for a large format, professional tablet that looks great, performs well and will not break the bank, the HP Pro Slate 12 is a solid option.



By comparison, the Venue 11 weighs a much more manageable 1.6 pounds 720g, but it’s noticeably thicker at 0.42 inches 10.7mm. Similarly, the Note Pro weighs only 1.65 pounds 750g, but it is as slim as the Pro Slate at only 0.31 inches thick 7.8mm. So, if portability is your main concern, and you definitely want a large tablet, the Samsung device provides you with the best of what HP and Dell’s devices offer. The Pro Slate 12 is built on a gorgeous silver and black bezel with speakers that line the top and bottom edges of the slate. This impressively large tablet only weighs 1.87 pounds 840g and is only 0.31 inches thick 7.8mm.

This screen pales in comparison to the Note Pro, which packs a delightful 2,560 x 1,600 pixel display onto the same size frame. The Venue 11, which is an 11-inch device, comes with a 1,920 x 1,080 display. So, the Pro Slate is not exactly ideal for anyone who requires image precision, like designers or photographers.


  • CPU: 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (quad-core Krait 400 CPU)
  • Graphics: Adreno 330 GPU
  • RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 (800 MHz)
  • Screen: 12.3-inch, 1,600 x 1,200 CT-40 FIT Glass
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Ports: 1 x micro USB 2.0; 1 x 3.5mm stereo headset/headphone/microphone jack; 1 x ZIF connector with pogo pins
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac with antenna diversity (Miracast-enabled); Bluetooth 4.0 + LE; NFC supporting Android Beam
  • Camera: 8MP rear-facing; 2MP front-facing
  • Weight: 1.87 pounds
  • Size: 11.82 x 0.31 x 8.73 inches (W x D x H)

Bench Marking

The Pro Slate’s multi-core score is slightly below average. Comparable tablets, like the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and the Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000, performed better, with the Note Pro 12.2 narrowly edging out the Slate with a score of 2,797. The Surface 3, which also features a Core M processor, scored in the 3,300 range, and its bigger brother, the Core i5-powered Surface Pro 3 scored in the magnificent range of 5,500. Just for reference, the iPad Air 2 scores about 4,500.


The HP Pro Slate 12 is a wonderful device for a niche audience. Employees who are focused on data entry, and note-taking and illustrators who need digital copies of their doodles will love the Slate and its accompanying Duet Pen.