Jawbone Up2 – Connect Your Band With Smartphones


Jawbone makes activity trackers that eschew on-device displays, instead making do with a series of LED’s on the bands themselves. You use the LED’s for basic functions, and explore the detail of your quantified self via a connected smartphone app. Defiantly not smartwatches, Jawbone’s wristbands work on the basis that people are more concerned with wearing something that looks okay than they are with squinting at a tiny screen to find out what is happening on their smartphone. By and large they have been proved right.


Specialties And Specs

A one stop health shop, the UP2 is activity tracker, sleep monitor and food tracker. But really, it is an activity tracker sensing your steps and extrapolating the data that generates to measure your exercise and calorie burn. It delivers all of this information via a colorful smartphone app. In principle the all-new Jawbone app is a kind of virtual coach. You tell it how much you eat, it monitors sleep and movement, and gives you semantically designed tips as to how to be a better you. The Jawbone UP2 is splash-proof activity tracking wrist band that connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. It contains what Jawbone describes as an ‘LED display’, but which is in fact a series of three colored LED’s. There is an accelerometer, and a battery, and it charges via a proprietary USB charging cable.

Style And Building

On the other hand another male colleague, Joao, who is not a habitual activity tracker wearer, described the UP2 as looking ‘cool’. He said he would definitely wear it. So the issue isn’t black and white – in fact it may well be black and grey. Because over the on the female side of the office, the response was almost universally popular. Like that activity tracker the UP2 is robust and splashproof. The metal plate does pick up scratches, but it is impossible to tell on the top side because of the textured finish. I wouldn’t take it swimming, but it survived the odd shower with no problems. And that is a good thing, because like the UP24 that rubbery strap will get sweaty and grubby when you workout. Remember that you are going to be wearing it day and night: you need to be able to clean it if you want to retain any friends. The UP2 weighs in at a measly 25g and measures just 220mm x 11.5mm x 3.0-8.5mm, Jawbone does accept that some wrist sizes will be too big or too small, but claims that it will fit all wrists ranging from 140mm to 190mm in diameter. We couldn’t find anyone for whom it did not fit.


The Jawbone UP2 is widely available in the UK, and retails for a reasonable 89.99 in both black and silver at retailers such as Expansys , PC World and Currys. But for those who want a pedometer that can track all sorts of exercise without making them look like a Tech Liberace, the Jawbone UP2 is a great package.