G5 Futuristic Vision By LG


LG looks to create yet another amazing smartphone in 2016 as the fifth installment called the LG G5 aims to impress. The LG G series selling smartphones have been voted as fan favorites year after year, and with the upcoming release of the G5, LG looks to continue the trend.



Extending upon the concept of the G4, the LG G5 concept looks to integrate much of the same, but with a little more. The idea of pushing the envelope is expected to give consumers just what they’ve been asking for, and maybe even a surprise. Despite the fact that we are still quite a while away from seeing the new LG G5 specs, the rumors that are becoming more and more persistent are pointing to some huge changes. Aside from the phone itself, LG rumors point to more of a focus with other peripherals being able to interface with the LG G5 without the use of Bluetooth technology. Owners of an LG G smartwatch for instance will be able to use all the same features of the watch including calling, texting, and emailing without having to be connected to a phone itself. This could be made possible with a SD card slot in the watch itself, and should be integrated when the LG G5 releases in 2016.

Other LG G5 rumors that we have been hearing is the use of 5G connectivity. As we continue to enjoy all the features of 4G connectivity, imagine what double the download speeds and better worldwide coverage that the rumored 5G technology will bring. The technology is in place, but we are uncertain if the new 5G wireless technology will be in place in time for the LG G5 release. It’s amazing when looking at the focus of the next best thing with so much time left before reality hits, and this is where the current LG G5 rumors begin to take shape.

As LG has created one of the top selling smartphone series of all-time, the current rumors taking shape looks like something bigger, better, faster, more efficient, and much more practical is on the way with the new LG G5.