A Nokia 301 Saved A Man’s Life By Stopping A Bullet


The Nokia 301 phone took a bullet and saved the life of a man in Afghanistan. You heard and read it right – bullet shot from a gun. Nokia was known for making some of the toughest phones that would last a lifetime even if you ran them over with a truck. The Nokia 301 was one of those phones which were/are tough enough to stop a bullet. The news first came when Peter Skillman, the General Manager of the Core Ux for Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone at Microsoft tweeted a picture of the Nokia 301 with a bullet still intact in it. He also wrote with it “A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week. The embedded bullet….”

Incredible images show a bullet lodged in the device, along with the tip sticking out of the phone’s smashed screen.

nokia 301

So far, no more details have emerged to explain exactly how bullet came to be lodged in this phone.

Some have claimed that the photo may not be entirely genuine, and especially given Mr Skillman’s affiliation with the phone maker.

This is not the first time a phone has stopped a bullet and also saved a person’s life. Skillman posted that in 2012, a Nokia X2 also stopped a bullet.

The Lumia 520, also saved the life of a police officer in 2014, the phone was in the pocket of the Brazilian cop when he was shot. He was off duty at the time and also went to visit his relatives who he did not know had been held hostage by robbers.

The Nokia 301 was released in 2013. Early Nokia phones, such as the 3310 and the 5110, are also known to be tough. These Nokia phones have been the subject of jokes, and are often used in memes.