IDx 2018 Nissan – Move Yourself To Future


Nissan IDx 2018 is ready to be announced and it’s been become very famed by its design, specialties and engine things. The 10Best-winning Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ twins, unleashed for 2013, prove the staying power of the concept, and both Chevy and Kia have dipped a toe in the drip pan with their respective Code 130R and GT4 Stinger show cars. Now Nissan seems ready to party, too, having energized last fall’s Tokyo auto show with the surprise debut of two versions of the IDx concept.



It is being said that the new and highly sophisticated 2018 Nissan Idx will be arriving in the market during the year 2017 and it is going to entertain masses with some brilliant specifications. It is not only the style of this coupe, which deserves a mention the performing capacity of this vehicle, is also going to be very good. You can associate some very high expectations with this model as it will be considered as a tribute to the popular Datsun 510.


The appearance of 2018 Nissan Idx is really very interesting and the design is definitely unique. The audience which will be targeted by the audiences will be those who are fan of adventure driving so newer coupe is going to extraordinary. The manufacturers are trying their best to incorporate ideal elements in their designs they have adopted a different approach here as they have made the choice of trying something new and influential. They have been successful with their approach and people are getting attracted towards the entre scheme. The look of this newer model is stunning and design brings an air of uniqueness. The length of this coupe will be 160 inch, width will be 67 inch and height will be 51 inch.

Engine Power

Coming towards the powertrain the car will come with two choices of engines. There will be one for IDx Freeflow and this is going to be an engine of gasoline having displacement of 1.5 l or 1.2 l. The other option of engine will be IDx NISMO and this one is going to be turbocharged 1.6 l direct injected unit. This engine will be utilized in the form of CVT along with six speed manual shifting mode. Both of these engines are capable of providing outstanding performance. The best part is that they will both arrive in lighter weight body that will bring reduction in fuel economy as well. You can enjoy the ride without any hesitation or issues.

More formal and square-jawed than the Scibaru twins, the IDx is akin to the BMW 2-series coupe, only a lot cheaper. If Nissan gives it the green light, figure on the IDx arriving in 2017 and starting in the low- to mid-$20,000 range. If Nissan really wants to peddle something excellent, it will hawk the IDx in a whole mess of body styles that parallel the 510’s, which was available not only as a coupe, but also as a sedan and a wagon.