VPL VW300ES Home Cinema By Sony With 4K Full HD Technology


The VPL-VW300ES is a home cinema beast, and at the core of the VPL-VW300ES is a Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) a Sony-only tech that is necessarily a hybrid between DLP and LCD. The Sony VPL-VW300ES is something of a trickle-down attempt. The VPL-VW300ES’s eight million pixels do come with a few restrictions you need to be aware with.



The level of detail, especially with the Reality Creation mode activated, is sublime. First it was majestic sight of Mount Fuji, watched on a bright afternoon with curtains half-closed. In Bright Cinema mode, the VPL-VW300ES produced just 53 decibels while it sent out well-saturated, bold colors and so-so black levels. With a green screen pattern to help aim the slinky electronic zoom and focus controls on the long, slender remote you get with a Sony TV.

Nonetheless, engage the paler, contrast Reference mode and it quietens down to a whisper-like 48 decibels, though the more exacting, brighter yet blackout-friendly Cinema Film mode. It doesn’t miss a beat when thrown Guardians of the Galaxy, offering clean, crisp Full HD detail that’s terrifically boosted by Reality Creation.

War of the Worlds on DVD also gets a shot in the arm from this darned effective up-scaling tech. Images are super-smooth, too, with the lightning-quick response of the VPL-VW300ES supplying ultra-fluid images from high-octane sequences.

Specifications & Style

There is a color specific correction tool for hue, saturation and brightness, while preset picture modes include the moody yet color accurate and supremely quiet Reference mode, Cinema Film, 1 & 2, Game, Bright Cinema and Bright TV both handy for where there is ambient light around during the day, though do not expect too much, among others.

Optional accessories include the IFU-WH1 wireless HD unit and TDG-BT500A 3D specs. The VPL-VW300ES is also 3D-ready, and in the detail-maximizing active shutter 3D camp, as you would expect for a 4K machine. Inputs are plentiful for home cinema.

On the side are two HDMI 2.0 inputs one compatible with HDCP 2.2, alongside a RS-232C for integrating the VPL-VW300ES into a in-room control system, an Ethernet LAN slot for hard-wiring it into a network, a couple of 12V triggers and a USB slot.

Final Decision

If you have got the money, the space and the 4K source, the VPL-VW300ES is a shoe-in to become the centrepiece of your next home cinema.