The Best Power Saving Air-conditioner models in India

Panasonic CS-KC18PKY

The summer is here and the sun is blazing in its full glory. With the temperature soaring up and the heat draining up the juices it is only natural that we look for a cool room to keep ourselves away from the extreme heat. The best way to beat the heat is to install an air-conditioning system in your home. Today, there are plenty of AC models available in the market but certain models that are smarter and better than the others not only in terms of offering better features but also in terms of saving your power bills.

Panasonic CS-KC18PKYHigh power consumption of the air-conditioners is certainly a major issue faced by the Indian consumers but if you are a smart buyer you can look around for models that consume less power yet don’t compromise on the cooling capacity. The best way to determine which AC has the most power saving capacity is to look at its STAR ratings, the higher the ratings the model has, the lesser power it consumes. If you are looking to buy an air-conditioner for your home you must first compare the AC prices in India to determine which model or brand fits within your budget. Some of the best power saving AC models that you can consider buying is discussed below:


This 5 star Rated AC is known for its awesome energy saving mode that consumes very less power yet ensure that your room is cool and you have a happy and peaceful sleep at night. This AC uses a unique BATA technology that maintains comfort level for your body. Another interesting feature of this AC is that it has a built-in dehumidifier, which comes in handy during the monsoon season to remove the moisture in the air and ensures maximum comfort. Also, the wet exchanger system prevents growth of fungi, molds or bacteria around the vents. With this AC installed in your home, you would surely feel ‘Life is Good.’

Panasonic CS-KC18PKY

In the recent times, Panasonic AC’s has been gaining a lot of popularity among the Indian buyers. The best feature of this AC is its anti-bacterial filters that works effectively in preventing allergens, pollutants and bacteria entering your home, thereby, ensure that you breathe in a fresh and pure air. The Composite Micro Channel Condenser fitted in this model is specially designed for quick heat transfer, which allows it to cool your home with less power and refrigerant. Another feature of the AC that deserves special mention is its odour removing functioning that keeps the air inside fresh and smelling pleasant. This 5 star rated Ac comes with a price tag of Rs. 32,900 only.

Voltas Magna

This model is the most power efficient among all other air-conditioner models from Voltas. This AC has a robust built and it assures great durability. It power efficiency capacity is way better than similar other models in the same budget rage. Priced at Rs. 27,500/- this 5 star rated air-conditioner provides full value for your money. The Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin tin fitted inside the ac rotates fresh air around the room and cools the room faster. The highlight of this AC is its self-diagnosis feature that automatically detects the source of the problem and thereby helps you save money on repairs.