Amped Wireless Titan EX: Beast Router

Amped Wireless Titan EX

The Amped Wireless Titan EX is intended to be the main remote reach extender any client would ever require. Indeed, Amped claims that its most recent reach extender can cover more than 14,000 square feet. As indicated by the organization, while situation is still vital, the enhancers incorporated with the gadget are adequate for clients to place it anyplace in a home without trepidation of losing a sign.

Amped Wireless Titan EX

There are times when the remote sign from a home switch hasn’t got what it takes to achieve the profundities of a home. By and large, the switch may be too far from a specific access point, or is compelled to experience an excess of deterrents keeping in mind the end goal to convey the sought experience. In those cases, a remote extent extender is required.

One of the greatest issues influencing reach extenders or any sort of remote systems administration gadget is configuration. While purchasers might in a perfect world incline toward a sure sort of configuration that evacuates the radio wires and takes into consideration simple situation anyplace in the home, such components eventually make it harder for a reach extender to work.

Gadgets from Netgear, for instance, can be connected straightforwardly to a divider outlet, abandoning them associated with the divider and not hanging out in a room. The Amped Wireless Titan EX, then again, is nothing of the sort. Truth be told, the “Titan” in the gadget’s name is well-suited when one considers how enormous it really is. The Titan-EX appears to be like a switch with its four receiving wires growing up. There is some grinding and vital utilization of lighting to demonstrate that it’s on.

Setting up the Amped Wireless Titan EX is basic. Amped’s product accommodates a basic approach to decide position. Like other reach extenders and WLAN Bluetooth Filter for smartphones, the Titan-EX is intended to offer clients some assistance with getting access to a system they can’t generally see, or get high speeds at long separations.

Furthermore, as other reach extenders, the Titan-EX makes remote systems on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz groups keeping in mind the end goal to convey access. From an execution viewpoint, the Titan-EX is solid on almost all fronts. While it might not have been completely ready to convey the experience it claims in my testing, it was stellar for an ordinary estimated house in a region with a few different remote systems around it.


The Amped Wireless Titan EX gets everything right when it comes to performance, range and software.