PC Games to look forward to in the year 2016

Firewatch PC game

People who are not into gaming don’t know about this infinite universe that exists out there and has endless opportunities. The only catch being that they are all a part of virtual reality and won’t really contribute on your resume. But like they say once you’ve stepped into that world there is no going back.

Firewatch PC game

Most of us patiently wait for a new smart phone to launch, or for a movie release, but gamer lives are competitive one on the gaming front. With a lot of new games being released it’s going to begin another battle soon.

Here’s our pick of PC games that you can look forward to in the New Year, if you’re lucky you might just find New Year offers to buy another game!

  • Firewatch

Its release date is the 9th of February and that’s exactly what every gamer would want for a valentine’s day present! This game, developed by Campo Santo is located in the wild landscape in 1989. It turns you into Henry. The game is filled with mysteries and Henry slowly uncovers them by exploring the surrounding area. A twist to the game is Henry’s relationship with the supervisor Delilah. It follows the story of the aftermath of the 1988 Yellowstone fires.

  • Good Robot

From the makers of ‘Will Fight for Food’ and ‘Unrest’, this new game is slightly different from those. Good Robot is one of those games that give you the thrills but all that for being good. This weird looking game has a slight sense of humour and is set to make a place in every gamer’s heart. Developed in collaboration with Shamus Young, the US game developer, it puts you into the spot of a good robot, like the name suggests and up against you is an endless wave of Bad robots!

  • No Man’s sky

This one is an endless maze; Hello Games’s space exploration dream is set to arrive sometime in summer. Packed with 18.5 Quintillion (1 and then 30 zeros!) planets, this game is essentially endless! Spawning every plant and animal on every planet, it creates a global database as you travel from every planet towards the centre of this massive universe! The estimated time to take around 585 billion years to explore it all, we hope you have enough time on your hands.

  • Asura

Names after the evil mythological creatures, is a role playing game. Inspired by the famous Binding of Isaac, or the Legend of Zelda this game is set to release in mid 2016. It could be the first PC role playing game which was solely developed in India. The Hyderabad based team of Ogre Head Studio is all set for its launch.

Looks like the New Year is going to be action packed and a big party for gamers all around the globe!