HORI Nintendo Switch D-pad Joy-Con controller delivers a real D-pad for a smooth gaming experience


On the subject of certain games, the use of more conventional controllers from time to time has a better feel to it. that is why arcade-style combat sticks tend to be desired in competitions. The good news is that in case you’re a Nintendo switch gamer who loves their combating games however aren’t keen on the joysticks at the joy-Cons, you’re in good fortune.

In a record from Famitsu (via Nintendo lifestyles), it seems like Hori may be launching its very own Joy-Con controller. But this controller is handiest for the left side of the console, however one of the highlights is the truth that it’s going to function a “right” D-pad which is a good alternative to arcade fight sticks. The truth that the switch is portable also allows add to its enchantment, this means that in case you don’t want to lug around a separate controller, this could do in a pinch.

HORI Nintendo Switch D-Pad Joy-Con Controller Design

That is a beautifully designed D-pad controller stimulated by way of The Legend of Zelda online game series. As we will see from the photographs, the sport controller shows off iconic golden Zelda paintings and design, and all of the patterns are artistically arranged on the the front to emphasize the nicely-obtained online game series. Meanwhile, the semi-transparent black casing hazily indicates you the inner structure for a unique appearance.

HORI Nintendo Switch D-Pad Joy-Con Controller Features

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller comes prepared with an analog stick and a D-pad, so it’s perfectly suitable for the ones D-pad extensive titles, but the game controller handiest helps hand held/portable mode.

HORI Nintendo Switch D-Pad Joy-Con Controller Price

The Nintendo switch D-pad Joy-Con controller will be available in Japan wherein it’ll price 2,678 yen. No word on whether or not or no longer it’s going to locate its way to the USA or other markets, however for the reason that Hori does sell its accessories globally, it is possible. if you’re interested, jump to the Amazon page for its more details.