Vixole Matrix Shoe Features A Customizable LED Display For Static

vixole matrix

The future of shoes isn’t so far away. After Nike unveiled it’s self-lacing shoes (shoutout to Back to the Future), it looks like others do not want to get left behind in the smart shoe run. Vixole launched a crowd-funding campaign for the ‘World’s First Customizable E-Sneaker’.

Meet the new Vixole Matrix, a pair of sneakers whose crowd-sourcing campaign just launched in Indiegogo.

vixole matrix
Vixole Matrix

The Vixole Matrix is an electronic sneaker with a built-in monochrome LED display on the back of the shoe. Users use their smartphones to take a photo of their surroundings, or select from a gallery of the designs through Vixole app, and transfer the design directly to the display on the shoe. Bluetooth connectivity with the users’ smartphone allows their shoes to integrate with their GPS so that haptic vibrations can guide their step-by-step to the travel destination. The app allows sharing among friends so that users can see how their friends are customizing their own Vixole Matrix shoes.

Sensors including units to detect sound, light and bending, with an magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer will be installed inside a specially designed insole. There will also be haptic sensors on board, so if you wanted you’d get vibrating notifications and prompts for turn-by-turn directions. This set of features could be combined along with the LED blinkers on each shoe — a useful option, say, if you’re riding a bike. There will even be a step tracker, which seems like a no-brainer for smart footwear.

Right now the team is at the proof of the concept stage and the Indiegogo campaign will help take the product from prototype to the final market version. With all this technology on board, the estimated retail price of $345 seems reasonable enough (they are smarter than Yeezy’s, after all), but if you take advantage of the crowd-funding deals you could score a pair for as low as $225.