Visual Camp’s VR eye-tracking technology will work with Samsung’s

Samsung hasn’t yet introduced any standalone VR headset. but we already knew that Samsung was working on a standalone VR headset, and now we have glimpsed. Visual Camp – an eye-tracking tech firm – announced that Samsung is making plans to apply its eye-tracking device in its upcoming standalone VR headset. The headset can even have facial recognition monitoring, despite the fact that how that could examine to something like MindMaze’s tech remains to be seen.

It appears the tool is powered through certainly one of Sammy’s very own Exynos processors, as a result the mentioned name “Exynos VR”, and is said to characteristic visible Camp’s eye-tracking tech. It is powered with the support of a 10nm SoC with Mali G71 pics — something that sounds lots like the Exynos 9 collection chip. It is able to powering dual “WQHD+” shows (2560×1440 or something near that) at 90Hz, or one 4K display at 75Hz, although it’s doubtful what display screen is within the headset in this photo. It is also huge.

As for the Exynos VR III, it carries visual Camp’s eye-tracking tech, which lets in for what is called “foveated rendering”: it basically recognizes the vicinity that your eyes are targeted on and maintains complete readability over that region whilst decreasing the decision of different areas, making it power efficient. It additionally functions voice recognition, hand tracking, and facial expression recognition.

The other big element right here is that this would be Samsung’s first standalone headset. Its equipment VR system’s should date all required the inclusion of a Galaxy smartphone to function. but the Exynos VR III is a reference design, much like Qualcomm’s, so there is nonetheless a question over whether Samsung can cram all the aforementioned chocolates into one relaxed-to-put on device. We certainly wish it is able to.