uArm Swift Robotic Arm Delivers Various Creative Features, And Portable Design


Robotic arms are now operate in homes or small businesses and into large-scale factories, and are growingly used to help special person feed themselves and also perform different tasks. Cost is a issue though, so outside of some very specific use cases, they generally are not worth it for interested tinkerers. But now, Ufactory has revealed latest versions of its robot arms, the uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro, this device aimed at being affordable to splash out on, and even if all you program it to do is stir your tea for you.

uArm Swift Robotic Arm Design

uArm Swift is an advanced Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot that measures 150 x 132 x 281mm and weighs 1.2 kilogram, and it comes in a Pro version that measures 150 x 140 x 281mm a x weighs 2.2 kilogram.

With the assist of its parallel-mechanism structure, both robotic arms show off a lightweight and compact design so you can easily place either of the two on a desk, starting your great project.

Meanwhile, this robotic arms are built with square aluminum alloys instead of U aluminum alloys in order to deliver a strong and light construction.

uArm Swift

uArm Swift Robotic Arm Features

This robotics arm comes equipped with RC servos improved by adding temp sensor into the control system, and the system can always protect its DC motor for optimal performance.

Furthermore, the robotic arm also features multiple interchangeable end-effectors including suction cup, universal holder and metallic gripper. uArm Swift and Swift Pro have a built-in socket that fits optional Seeed Grove modules including mini fan, electromagnet, temperature & humidity sensor, motion sensor, color sensor and LCD RGB backlight, means that you can easily add more functions to the robotic arms. With optional Open MV Cam, the arms can help you finish complex tasks.

Compared with uArm Swift’s DC motor, Swift Pro features a stepper motor and customized gearbox means that it delivers more precise and smoother movement and keeps the repeatability under 0.2mm.

Using built-in Bluetooth module, this robotic arm wirelessly connects with your smartphone for intuitive remote control, and uArm Studio provides an blockly-based graphical programming platform that enables you to intuitively code your uArm Swift for various functions like claw machine, 3D printing, hand written clock, air hockey, laser engraving and more. In addition, the uArm Swift are open source so developers can freely add new features to uArm Swift/Swift Pro.

uArm Swift Robotic Arm Price

This device is now available for preorder on Indiegogo. You can pledge $290 to preorder the uArm Swift kit. Both models will be shipped in June this year.