SoHo Is One Of The Trendiest Neighborhoods In New York City


In adding to New York City’s already booming SoHo neighborhood, Nike will be opening a 5-story, multi-sport, 55,000-square-foot space. Nike’s President of Global Direct to Consumer Heidi O’ Neil says that the store is a perfect balance between the brand’s digital and physical platforms. Catering to almost every need, this store has a Nike+ Basketball Trial Zone where customers can enjoy a little 3 on 3, and a Nike+ Running Trial Zone for your inner athlete and a Nike+ Soccer Trial Zone for fùtbol lovers.

The Nike SoHo store will also provide Apple Pay support and wall-mounted touchscreens where you can hail a helpful associate, or even buy Swoosh gear on the spot. It was scheduled to be open on Friday November 11, but the Sneakerwatch reports that the opening date is still TBD due to permit issues.

Nike SoHo store

The new store doesn’t rely on virtual reality alone. The more impressive aspects are actually the real-life product testing facilities. On its top floor (Nike Basketball and Jordan Brand) is an actual half-sized basketball court for testing basketball sneakers, while on the third floor is a mini soccer field for trying out new cleats.

Sean Madden, senior director of service and experiences for Nike’s direct-to-consumer division, says that the tech inside the store isn’t meant to be the main attraction. Instead, he says that these features are designed to make the shopping experience more personal. With hoop, for example, the Kinect sensors are there to capture movements from your body and display those on a massive screen in front of you. That being said, the idea is that you’ll use that area to try on shoes you may be interested in buying.