SmartThings announced a new tracker that works as part of the SmartThings suite of products

Tracking your item is now part of the SmartThings suite of product. The SmartThings Tracker, which the corporation introduced Monday, is a white square that you connect to items like backpacks or wallets. The tracker consists of GPS with an LTE-M network so you can music gadgets in actual time thru the SmartThings app for iOS or Android devices.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Features

The tracker is compatible with different Samsung SmartThings gadgets so it is able to be used along side different smart home products like lighting, thermostats, and protection cameras. As an instance, you can use the tracker as an arrival sensor, with the intention to cause lighting to turn on while the device is in range. You could additionally use it for geofencing areas with a view to automatically provide you with a warning while the tracker goes in and out of it. The tracker is water-resistant for indoor and outside use, and the battery can last as long as per week on a single charge.

The idea for Samsung’s SmartThings Tracker is just like the Bluetooth trackers on your pockets and keys that we’ve visible before from companies like Tile and Chipolo. but, these Bluetooth trackers, while inexpensive and smaller, have limited levels that prevent at approximately 200 feet or rely on crowd GPS to discover lacking or stolen items that have slipped past that range. The SmartThings Tracker is based on an LTE-M connection, a low energy community made specially for IoT gadgets, so it’s no longer confined through range. And whilst a cellphone might be one way you already reveal your kids’ location, clipping this onto their backpacks, for example, may provide you with a higher idea of in which they are in case their phones run out of battery or they want a discreet way to ship an SOS.

Samsung SmartThings Smart GPS Tracker Price

The SmartThings Tracker will be available in the US with a $99 MSRP. The SmartThings Tracker will be available at launch with AT&T service included for the first 12 months. After the first year, AT&T’s service will cost $5 a month or $50 per year. LTE service with Verizon will be available later this year. There are a handful of trackers out there, but unlike popular models from Tile and TrackR, the SmartThings Tracker doesn’t use Bluetooth at all.