Renault Has Unveiled Trezor–Its All-Electric Grand Tourer Concept Car


Renault has revealed Trezor – an all-electric Grand Tourer concept car that blends Renault’s very latest innovations in the interior experience, all-electric powertrain and autonomous driving. Renault’s new Trezor is a sleek and glorious 350 hp vehicle that serves almost as the epitome of ‘futuristic design.’

The Trezor features red glazing and carbon bodywork with contrasting surface finishes. Contrasting surface finishes serve to further the pleasing design aesthetic behind the new Trezor, as the interior of the vehicle boasts fiery red, finished with a dashboard made from red wood which incorporates a luggage compartment at the vehicle’s front. The Trezor is complete with a jewelery-box style one-piece clamshell roof that’s really functions more like a hatch, again adding to that futuristic feel behind car’s design.

All-Electric Grand Tourer Concept Car

On the hood, the honeycomb-form air intake is designed to provide a variable-geometry intake. On the left-hand side of the body, fuel filler hatch has been replaced by an analogue gauge that indicates the vehicle’s charge level.

Its one-piece clamshell roof lifts to give access to the interior. Standing 1,080mm tall, the Trezor requires occupants to straddle the side of the body as they climb in as a throwback to the world of classic racing cars.

The interior features 3 screens, one centrally mounted featuring the logo and two touchscreen displays to either side instead of conventional stalk controls.

Along with a maximum power of 260kW and peak torque of 380Nm, it provides acceleration from standstill to 62mph in less than four seconds.

Beyond 2020, Renault’s target is to make completely safe ‘hands-off / eyes-off’ tech available for its mainstream vehicles – at an affordable price.