Omni EDC Damascus pocket knife is inspired by Samurai sword


A new Kickstarter marketing campaign touting the “world’s smallest and sharpest Damascus pocket knife” aims to place the power of a samurai sword for your trousers. Its makers declare Damascus metal makes not best for a higher blade less prone to bending and breaking, however one that stays sharper than blades crafted from regular steel.

Omni Ultra Compact EDC Damascus Pocket Knife Design

The Omni is a beautifully designed and realistic folding pocket knife that measures 95 x 21mm. While folded, it measures 65 x 21mm, so it can provide an ultra compact and lightweight layout, and the included keyring loop allows you to effortlessly attach it onto your keychain. In the meantime, the smooth contours and matte end display off a stylish, elegant appearance layout, even as the particular texture from Damascus metal offers enhanced aesthetics.

Omni Ultra Compact EDC Damascus Pocket Knife Features

The Omni’s blade is made from the identical grade Damascus steel as a samurai sword, so it delivers 5x sharper than everyday steel blade knives as a way to take care of extra reducing duties. Furthermore, the particular pivot design permits you to surely push the hole to release the blade. When no longer in use, you may simply fold again the blade and lock it into the long lasting frame constructed of anodized 7000 series plane grade aluminum.

Omni Ultra Compact EDC Damascus Pocket Knife Price

A pledge of £39 (US$50) will get your name down for one Omni blade with grip finish of either “Slate Grey” or “Arctic Frost.” Should all go to plan, Hribarcain hopes to ship worldwide come January 2019. The Kickstarter has surpassed its modest £4,000 goal more than fivefold with 57 days remaining in the campaign. The Omni blade may have little to connect it with the Samurai of yore, but it looks a handy little tool all the same.