Oclean One Bluetooth Electric Sonic Toothbrush Delivers A Customizable Way To Clean Your Tooth

Oclean One Bluetooth

If you are looking for a way to stop the disapproving glances you know you will get with every dentist’s visit, you can want to consider searching out a smart toothbrush. And on the top of your listing of options must be the Oclean One, a new sonic smart toothbrush that claims to allow the consumer to “completely customise his or her experience” by way of adjusting cleaning modes, intensities, and period, all by means of way of a cell app.

Oclean One Bluetooth Electric Sonic Toothbrush Design

The Oclean One is a customizable and powerful electric sonic toothbrush that measures 256.1mm long by 26.8mm diameter and weighs 155g. As shown in the images, the electric toothbrush shows off a sleek and elegant appearance design along with three optional colors: black, white and pink, and the smooth contours let you comfortably hold it in your hand. Meanwhile, the unibody makes it water resistant so you can easily wash the whole body under under the tap.

Oclean One Bluetooth

The head of the electric sonic toothbrush features Pedex reminder bristles, diamond bristles and DuPont Tynex Brilliance bristles in order to provide long-lasting maximum cleaning performance, and an extra deep cleaning head features DuPont Brilliance Pro bristles in order to meet different demands.

Oclean One Bluetooth Electric Sonic Toothbrush Features

Oclean One comes prepared with a excessive-performance motor that grants 50,000 vibrations consistent with minute, so it’s effective sufficient to correctly put off plaque and whiten your teeth. extra importantly, the electrical sonic toothbrush capabilities 12 worrying combination via three modes and four intensity settings. similar with the linked clever toothbrush, Oclean One additionally has built-in Bluetooth module that lets in it to wirelessly connects together with your telephone, so its app lets in you to personalize your being concerned plans, and 12 preset brushing plans help you achieve your oral dreams like defensive your gums, strengthening your sensitive teeth and more.

Moreover, after each brushing the app will deliver a feedback that helps you improve your brushing method. The Bluetooth electric toothbrush also features a built-in loudspeaker that automatically play your voice memo from your smartphone. In addition, its rechargeable battery offers 60 days of use between charges.

Oclean One Bluetooth Electric Sonic Toothbrush Price

The crew in the back of Oclean One has done the crowdfund aim on Indiegogo, but we will still pledge $99 to preorder the electric sonic toothbrush. it is going to be predicted to be shipped in November 2017.