Facetune 2 Popular Selfie App, Is Now Available On The iOS App Store


One of the bestselling camera apps now and it is going free for the first time. FaceTune 2, from the Israeli developer Lightricks, arrives on iOS boasting a collection of radical upgrades over its predecessor. But to recognize the full strength of the app, you will nevertheless have to pay: by means of in-app purchases or by a month-to-month or annual subscription. Users also have an opt to instead choose a monthly or annual subscription to get full access to the most powerful tools that the app offers.

New Features:

The different interesting feature is that the app now includes the live editing, This would make you change the direction of the light source from which the person is being illuminated. Think a magic replicate of pictures of sorts. I can not pretty make up my thought whether this is a gimmick or a great feature, however from a technical standpoint, it is exceptionally impressive.

FaceTune 2

Speaking of impressive, the app creates a live 3D mesh of your face based totally on a single photograph. This means the app is in a position to do edits that different apps can not touch. For example, it can create remarkably realistic lighting effects.

Further, the facial features can also be reshaped, skin can be smoothened, and the teeth can be whitened using the various tools present in the app.

Another interesting novelty is the company’s business model. You can pay to the download each individual editing feature of the app, but if you do, you are racking up a hefty $45 bill from Apple.

The FaceTune 2 app is free to download. However, it comes with limited features. Users can pay individually for its extras, but that could set you back more than $40. Instead, Lightricks is hoping people will fork out for a subscription at $1.99 per month, $6.99 for 6 months, and $9.99 for an entire year to unlock all the current and future functions.