Benjamin Brush Smart Music Toothbrush Brings You Some Fun During Your Toothbrushing


Benjamin Brush, the contemporary product from BleepBleeps, is a smart toothbrush for the entire family. This adorable related tool makes brushing enamel more fun with the aid of track and games. Users can down load their preferred song from millions of to be had tracks at the BleepBleeps music keep. Every tune plays for 2 minutes, giving each person cause to hold brushing. As a reminder, Benjamin Brush vibrates each 30 seconds to sign whilst it’s time to smooth the following section of enamel.

Benjamin Brush Smart Music Toothbrush Design

Benjamin Brush is an modern smart track toothbrush that’s to be had in multiple interchangeable brush heads for babies, children and adults. As we will see from her photos, the smart toothbrush shows off a minimal and stylish appearance design, and five coloration options deliver a shiny and bright aesthetic style that meets the tastes of children and younger human beings.


Benjamin Brush Smart Music Toothbrush Features

The smart song toothbrush capabilities sonic vibe tech. The usage of a integrated motor Benjamin Brush is able to generating lots of pulsations in keeping with minute a good way to offer an green manner to easy your enamel. furthermore, the silicone bristles are tender and bendy, in order that they won’t scratch your tooth enamel or harm your gums.

More importantly, as a smart music toothbrush Benjamin Brush features a water resistant speaker that permits you to revel in your favored tune while you brush your enamel. Its included tune store helps you to select your favored music, and new tracks just price $0.99. Moreover, integrated Bluetooth technology lets in it to wirelessly commence with your smartphone, so its custom app facts when and how lengthy you sweep your tooth and permits you to compete along with your pals and family.

Benjamin Brush Smart Music Toothbrush Price

The team behind Benjamin Brush is raising fund on Kickstarter, and we can pledge $55 to preorder the smart music toothbrush. It will be expected to be shipped in the end of October 2017.