Basslet Will Be Available To Order On February 7 For $199


Basslet is a new wearable from Lofelt that uses an in-built subwoofer to deliver beats and pulses through your body to enhance your music listening experience. Imagine feeling you get at a big concert or club where the bass resonates through your body and creates a rhythm of feeling on top of the music you’re hearing – that is the experience you get with the Basslet, anywhere.

The device is simply but exquisitely designed, and as if the designer decided that ‘understated’ should be an olympic sport. I particularly want to highlight charging solution: You plug an USB power cord into the transmitter, and then magnetically connect the Basslet itself to the transmitter. Both are charged at same time; Simple and elegant.


Designed like a watch, but limited in functionality to providing pulsing beats, Basslet takes music being streamed to your headphones and matches the waveform to provide a tactile force so you can feel the bass. Lofelt chief executive Daniel Büttner is explained that his product controls the latency so that what you hear and feel is in sync so you won’t hear the bass drop and feel it seconds later.

Technically speaking, Basslet translates anything from about 10Hz to 250Hz into something you can feel. I love bass-heavy music, so this is a product that sings to me. I imagine if your musical tastes are a little more… relaxed in bass department, the idea of the jacking up what is there might not make as much sense. The battery life is estimated between six and 12 h, depending on how much you jack it up (for me, that is all the way, all the time).

The Basslet costs $200, which seems a high price for adding a faux-subwoofer to your wrist, but if it sounds like something up your alley, you can get it February 7th.