Apollo Traveller portable power bank delivers fast charging and recharging


The feared dead battery can nevertheless remodel your all-singing, all-dancing phone into a vain brick. Battery lifestyles remains a hassle for telephones, which is why it’s an awesome concept to stow a portable charger to your bag or vehicle. strength banks may be genuinely accessible while you’re between retailers. We take a look at a mountain of transportable chargers each year in search of the first-rate, so it takes something a chunk special to electrify us, however the Apollo traveller from Elecjet has done exactly that.

Apollo Traveller Fast Charging Portable Power Bank Design

The Apollo traveller is a high-performance fast charging power bank that measures a 145 x 72 x 12mm and weighs much less than 200g. As proven inside the pictures, the USB charger supplies a low-profile and glossy appearance design, and the narrow and compact casing crafted from ABS and laptop no longer simplest gives you a long lasting creation, but additionally permits for easy sporting.

Apollo Traveller Fast Charging Portable Power Bank Features

The fast charging power bank features a single 5000mAh battery unit with graphene composite in order to increase the charging efficiency, eliminate the overheating issue, and extend the battery longevity. Furthermore, the portable power bank comes equipped with one USB-C with Power Delivery (45W) and one USB-A port in QC3.0 (18W), so it’s powerful enough to charge your iPhone X to 50% of power in only 30 minutes, and it only takes 18 minutes to fully recharge your Apollo Traveller. Moreover, using optional Elecjet Anywatt, it works with any Magsafe charger. Compared regular 300-500 charging cycles, the Apollo Traveller delivers 1000 full charge-discharge cycles.

Apollo Traveller Fast Charging Portable Power Bank Price

The team behind Apollo Traveller is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $59 to preorder the fast charging portable power bank. It will be shipped in April 2019.