A New Mix Master With Power Moves

A New Mix Master Power Moves

For the home cook, what can be better than having a mixer that’s self-intuitive, doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, and has delightful add-ons like a salad processor, meat grinder and slicer? The Electrolux EKM4700S can easily replace the food processor, and is just as easy to use with mixer heads that seamlessly attach and switch out.

A New Mix Master Power Moves

Imagine the possibilities from cakes, meringues, mousses, to pizza dough, sausages or even your very own minced burgers! The Electrolux Assistent stand mixer has been designed to offer all the versatility you need to inspire you in the kitchen.

Intrepid home cook May Foo took the EKM4700S for a spin in her kitchen, and has this to share:

What I Like:

The mixing bowl design ensures an even mix, even ingredients at the bottom

The light illuminating the mixing bowl makes it easier to see mixing progress and keep tabs on what’s happening inside

The two mixing bowls provided are useful for recipes that require separate mixtures

These two bowls also nest within each other for convenient storage

The bigger mixing bowl has a handle, so maneuvering is a cinch

The pouring shield has a good-sized hole for adding ingredients

Note That:

The 1000W wattage means it packs robust power for its size, but cannot handle heavy duty mixing, especially for some bread recipes

The bowl sizes may also not be big enough for certain recipes