PowerColor Devil R9 390X By AMD

PowerColor Devil R9 390X

AMD’s Fiji GPU may be at the highest point of the organization’s portfolio, yet it’s by all account not the only illustrations processor ready to profit by a mixture cooling arrangement. PowerColor’s Radeon Devil R9 390X gloats twice as much memory and a comparable cooler. AMD propelled its 300-arrangement Radeon representation cards, re-branding the line up with renditions of past GPUs,

PowerColor Devil R9 390X

The R9 390X is boss among the new arrangement, and depends on the R9 290X’s Hawaii XT. The R9 390X comes furnished with 8GB of GDDR5 on a total 512-piece memory transport running at 1525MHz. The outcome is a hypothetical 390.4 GB/s of memory data transmission, which is 70 GB/s more than the R9 290X. That additional throughput could be what makes the additional memory important at 4K, exceptionally if Hawaii’s ALUs were going underutilized.

PowerColor covers the back of its card with a snappy aluminum plate. The back plate sticks out excessively far, making it about difficult to discharge the PCIe card hook numerous motherboard sellers use to secure include sheets. The Devil R9 390X can drive up to four showcases, nonetheless your availability choices are restricted.

You get one Display Port connector, one HDMI yield and two double connection DVI ports. You can get 4K out of Display Port at 60Hz and HDMI at 30Hz, however just 2560 x 1600 from DVI. PowerColor sent a second example that touched base with the same BIOS. In any case, the organization likewise gave an overhauled firmware to glimmer to the card. In the wake of composing that record to the board, we kept seeing critical showcase issues. PowerColor proposed that there could be an issue with the introduced programming, and suggested utilizing Display Driver Uninstaller.

The diagram affirms our speculation; the shut circle cooler does its occupation well. Surely, even following 10 minutes of full load, the GPU temperature is just a couple of degrees hotter than its beginning stage. The R9 390X settled around 55 degrees, even in the wake of overclocking the card. the R9 390X tops the outline.

Top force attract the torment test is not as high as the Fury, yet under a more reasonable gaming load, the R9 390X uses right around 20W more. Indeed, even the card’s unmoving force draw is 10W higher than the R9 390. At the point when the overclock is connected, the spread is much bigger.


PowerColor’s Devil R9 390X is a capable representation card that runs extremely cool, however creates much commotion. It will take care of business for the absolute most requesting gaming errands, yet it won’t be everybody’s first pick. In the event that temperatures are your need, this is an incredible choice.