Differences Between Dedicated Hosting And Cloud Hosting


Choosing the good web hosting environment is a decision that you are going to face time and time again as a business website owner. Even after you make starting decision, your hosting needs may change and evolve over time. Choosing the right platform can help a business increase flexibility, reduce costs, and make the most of its infrastructure.

Below we dive into the differences between dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, so you can make the right choice for your business website.


Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting server is exactly like it sounds. Your site and all of the necessary files are stored on a single physical server dedicated to your website. This is the reliable, traditional and highly recommendable way of hosting just about anything, be it highly interactive websites, or anything else. It follows a simple protocol in which, a user leases / buys a server from a provider and pays monthly charges.

Benefit Of Dedicated Hosting

The user is assured of complete control and flexibility over the server
With no one else to share the resources with, the user is assured of better stability, top performance and server reliability
With the server safely installed in a monitored, and climate-controlled environment within the provider’s data center, the user is assured that his data is safe and secured
Users are given full administrative control to your server which enables the user to install programs and perform custom configurations to suit his needs

Cloud Hosting

When it comes to cloud hosting, a lot of people begin to think about the ethereal cloud. A place that does not quite exist, where all of their data is stored. They’ve no idea where it is stored and how it got there, where it goes but it exists.

With cloud hosting, you just pay for the exact amount of server space used, also have the advantage of infinite flexibility. You can also scale the resources up or down depending on your need, and avoid paying for idle infrastructure costs when demand is low.

Benefit Of Cloud Hosting

  • The upper level of site performance that’s guaranteed by not one machine but by multiple machines
  • As a lot of computers act as one system, you’ll be assured of a redundant data storage
  • You are guaranteed of unlimited storage and more server resources, including more RAM and more computing power, ensuring you greater power and speed
  • There is no single point of failure
  • Easier Data backup and recovery
  • Give more flexibility for your website to grow
  • You can customize the size of storage
  • Cost efficiency which means that it operates at a lower cost compared to other hosting solutions