Vine’s Co-Founders Launch Hype App For Video Streaming


Vine’s co-founders launch a live streaming video app for an IOS device called Hype. With Hype users could create impromptu clip shows, or a review game, movies, use their live stream to comment on the latest viral video or news broadcast.


Hype offers a richer live streaming experience and it also offers more features just like live video with multimedia, including photos, videos, animated GIFs, music, text,  and emojis.  Anything can be moved around the screen to added or deleted during the live broadcast.

Like the other live streaming app, you can also share and add a comment  in a chat window and if broadcaster like a comment, they can pull it into the video, will it float above as a chat bubble.

When you are making a video you can also change the background of the video. In the menu there were many backgrounds you can choose from there or you can also choose from your own camera roll. You can add multimedia or music saved on your phone, you just have to click the plus button, then you can able to add anything what you want.

When adding photos from your camera roll, selecting multiple photos will create a slide show.

You can also the change the live video window. The default live video window is a circle. Click the circle, then click the shapes icon and change the shape of the window of your choice.

On the screen you can see the double arrows, which are a quick way to make an object full screen. Press again to shrink it back down.

Click the “Go Live” green button when you are ready to broadcast. On the screen there is an upper left corner shows the number of people who are watching your broadcast.

Click the “X” in the upper right corner of your mobile screen to end your broadcast. And you can also save your video to be viewed on your profile later.

Basically, there’s a lot of potential here and all of the features which are needed to make the video. Hype is currently available on IOS devices and you can free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple Store. Hype App creators promise an Android version will be on the way soon.