Go Watch Announces By Alcatel OneTouch


The Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch is an unusual smartwatch to say the least. We are sure how much of a good thing that is, because some of its specialties are completely bizarre, but it sure did make us laugh. It was set to be around 129 Euros so you can expect it to be pretty cheap. The slightly more premium Alcatel OneTouch Watch is only £99 so that should give you some idea of how low the price tag will be.


The Go Watch with your Android or iOS smartphone, because it runs Alcatel’s own software rather than Android Wear as many rival smartwatches now do.

One of the key specialties that Alcatel OneTouch is promoting for this smartwatch is a specialty that the company claims lets you ‘hack’ your emotions. Necessarily, it is a mood ring of sorts.

It matches with the colorful, playful design of the watch itself, and it is easy to use with a swipe down for access to a side-scroll-able list of icons representing each different specialty, and a swipe up for access to notifications.

In addition, you will be able to use the watch as a remote shutter button to take a photo from your phone. Alcatel says that the watch should last for two to five days one one charge, which is a pretty broad figure so we will have to wait until we get one back to our labs for further testing.

It can also be used to track specific workouts, you can tell it that you are heading out for a run, for example, and it will track that run consequently.

The OneTouch Go Watch is cheap, and it looks reasonably cheap, too, but it does come with a surprising number of specialties that make it a pretty decent smartwatch overall.

It is styled a bit like the G Shock and Baby-G watches, but comes complete with a full-color touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with a smartphone.

It was designed to be durable, with dust and water resistance and an overall sturdy build, but that does meant that it is pretty bulky on the wrist, to say the least.


Alcatel OneTouch was thinking when it designed this smartwatch. In some ways, it looks like it could be quite good for a younger audience, with a bright and fun design.